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Single Review: Inipsum by TTTDC

Based on TTTDC members’ former and ongoing output in bowel-disturbing Melbourne bands Wicked City, Sons of the Ionian Sea, and Peeping Tom (RIP)—and having never had the pleasure of seeing them play live or to even sample their debut record, Greatest Hits—I was bracing for impact as I cued up this preview track from the band’s second, yet-to-be-titled album due this autumn on WeEmptyRooms.

But instead of an onslaught of brutal doom you might expect from Melbourne’s foremost exponents of the Drop D Power Chord, Inipsum floats in with singer/guitarists Gerasimos, brother Nik G, and drummer Paddy sweetly harmonizing a kind of vaguely devotional melody redolent with the cool muskiness of an orthodox church. I could almost see cowled monks moving silently among the rows of flickering candles.

Has the band abandoned its sworn mission to Conquer the Riff and instead become Men of the Cloth, trading Big Muff for robes, incense, and prayer beads?

The birdwatcher was unconcerned when the band set up right in front of him

The birdwatcher was unconcerned when the band set up right in front of him

That question is conclusively answered about two-and-a-half minutes in as drumsticks and plectrums meet skin and strings in one colossal detonation—a lumbering, neck-dislocating, doom-drenched riff propelled forward with percussive power. The song reaches into deep space, returning frequently to pay tribute to that haunting opening theme, before changing gears and speeding across the finish line with a groove-laden breakdown complete with blistering guitar solo.

I was an evangelical supporter of Peeping Tom before they sadly split up a few years ago. I loved Gerasimos’s unique playing and voice, along with the work of his talented bandmates. I loved the music, that sublime marriage of groove and Sabbath-inspired doom. Much of what made Peeping Tom such a memorable act shines through in TTTDC, but with an entirely new personality. Not content to follow the well-trodden path of the genre, TTTDC are committed to letting a whole range of influences bleed through. And I for one am sold on that.


Inipsum is an enjoyable excursion into new territory, and will surprise and delight fans of big chops and big beats with its pleasing mixture of sonic flavors.

TTTDC’s first album Greatest Hits is available via bandcamp in physical or digital formats, and you can grab Inipsum there while you’re at it.

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