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Review: Centralstödet x The Myrrors | Ljudkamrater

Fans of freeform psychedelic rock are advised to head over to the Sky Lantern Records website (if you’re in the US) or very soon at Cardinal Fuzz (UK) to preorder the new split 12-inch LP Ljudkamrater featuring The Myrrors and Swedish barnstormers Centralstödet.

There’s a selection of vinyl, cassette, CD, and digital available from early February, but even as of preorder launch day, the more collectible items are looking like selling out fast.

The album premieres brand new material from both bands, including the first studio recordings we’ve heard from Centralstödet in several years, and there’s some genuinely exciting twists in store for listeners.


Centralstödet contributes three tracks to Side A, each radiating the mysterious energy of music composed in the moment. The tactile frequencies of guitar and bass played through powerful vintage amps create an intimate atmosphere as the band stretches up and out of the fuzzy Sabbath grooves they’re best known for and into new territory.

Interview and Exclusive Stream: Centralstödet | “Hösthypomani”

The title of the last track, Vega’s Bodega, gives a hint as to where these new angular, atonal sounds are coming from, the guitar taking on a harder, gritty edge as it spins through walls of fast-pulsing tape delay.

Funky minimal rhythms and textural experiments mesh perfectly with the band’s love of heavy groove — this is possibly Centralstödet’s best work yet.

Flip over to Side B and strap in. The Myrrors unleash two tracks (or rather, two parts of one longer piece) that’s the best-ever material they’ve produced in terms of ambition and execution.

The Myrrors

Last year’s Entranced Earth saw The Myrrors achieve near-perfect balance in terms of arranged elements and free improvisation within lush and deeply meditative drones. Here, Rayuela and Night Flower Codex come from the same headspace as Entranced Earth, that is, songs inspired by jams performed live on their European tour.

The next thirteen minutes are like swimming through heaven underwater…

But these two songs have absolutely nailed what they’ve been hinting at for ages. It’s out-and-out kraut perfection: a cacophonous rainforest of flute, viola, tape loops, saxophone, and guitar that cavort and babble exuberantly under a cruisey jazz ride cymbal and sinuous bassline.

You want it to go on forever, but the song slowly descends into the Tony Conrad/Faust vibes of Night Flower Codex, as if God put a finger on the cosmic turntable platter. Shadows fall and the next thirteen minutes are like swimming through heaven underwater.

The Myrrors | Entranced Earth

A remarkable thing, to have two already great bands take such significant steps forward in their sound together on one record, and props go to The Myrrors, whose obvious investment here in creating something special is sure to pay off in rave reviews.

Seriously great music in a beautifully hand-designed sleeve, the Ljudkamrater LP is an ideal introduction to both bands for newcomers and an essential addition for fans of either.

Beyond recommendation.

Preorder now at Sky Lantern Records (US) or very soon at Cardinal Fuzz (UK) for best shipping prices according to your location.

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