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Moloch – Verwüstung

Moloch-VerwunstungUkraine has been the source of some outstanding black metal over the last decade or so—Drukh, Khors, and Dragobrath barely even scratch the surface.

Another central figure in the scene is Sergiy Fjordsson, the musician behind Moloch. His latest release Verwüstung crowns a vast body of work traversing old-school depressive black metal through to experimental noise and dark ambient.

To play, record, and mix each instrument individually is an impressive feat regardless of style, yet often solo studio projects like these lack focus and tension and wander into self-indulgence.

No such problems here: Verwüstung is taut and bleeding with misanthropic energy. Fans of ’90s-style depressive black will find the biting riffs and muffled drum sound deeply satisfying, while Fjordsson’s ragged shrieks add requisite bleakness.

Traditional song structures are framed by interludes of ambient sound: breaths of sub-bass moaning in the mouth of an open crypt, clanks of dissonant piano chilling the atmosphere. Sonically, there’s no particular element that overpowers, and the gritty lo-fi production feels authentic.

Verwüstung maintains interest and has depth and intensity in good measure—two or three listens will see it kicked into regular rotation.


Verwüstung is available for mail order on S.o.h.D. Records.

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