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Hear 15 Aussie Bands Reinterpret “Damaged” by Black Flag

a2412419107_16Fifteen bands. One mission. Get together and reinterpret Black Flag’s classic album Damaged in one day. Mix it, master it, and release with all profits going to Sea Shepherd Australia.

Jason P.C. and the team at Melbourne’s Goatsound Studio somehow pulled it off and the results are now available online at bandcamp—and it’s freaking awesome!

According to Goatsound: “That meant we had 15 separate bands/artists go into Goatsound Studio one after the other in 30-minute intervals to quickly bash out their version of a track from the album until the entire album had been ‘reinterpreted’.”

Each of the bands featured—from death metal acts like Blunt Shovel to the indie folk of Jamie Hay/Liam White—brings something unique to the table. And the album hangs together as a whole really well, it’s almost as enjoyable to experience as the original.

I love these albums where the bands cover the music of a certain artist and a label collects it all together on one album. Jason P.C’s band Blood Duster was on an excellent Impetigo one few years ago entitled Wizards of Gore. These kind of records are a great way to find new bands you otherwise might not have come across.

To take that concept and cover a single album is a really cool idea, and recording it in such a short space of time in this case has kept the dangerous DIY edge to the sound that is pure Black Flag.

Grab your copy here via bandcamp, and if you too would prefer people not killing whales, consider donating a few bucks to the Sea Shepherd people.

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