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Exclusive Stream | Frozen Planet….1969’s “Sonic Egg Factory”

What better way to kick off 2017 than with an exclusive preview of Sydney freeform psych outfit Frozen Planet….1969’s new album Electric Smokehouse, with a full stream of the epic 14-minute Sonic Egg Factory available below for your enjoyment.

These Australians are the real deal when it comes to flawless cosmic jams on vintage gear, with no attitude, no baggage, and no expectations to weigh them down beyond a desire to trip out on the music the three conjure up on the spot. And as lucky audiences who’ve seen them live can agree, Frozen Planet….1969 has a unique ability to take the listener on interstellar adventures where destination is less important than the ride: every note this band plays, and has ever played, is totally improvised.

When these three get together, they can do no wrong…

If you’re looking for a musical point of reference, think Sir Lord Baltimore, Pentagram, and Hendrix for satisfyingly precise meshing of rhythm section and guitar, mixed with the ambitiousness of jam masters like Comets On Fire, Colour Haze, or Carlton Melton when they’re cranked to eleven.

Electric Smokehouse documents a band in peak form — improv music is sometimes hit-and-miss in that its success or otherwise is dependent on the vibes in the room, the respective musical headspace of each musician, and other intangible factors. But whenever these three get together, they can do no wrong.

The music is a result of almost three hours of jamming and we keep almost all of it.

“We approached recording Electric Smokehouse exactly the same way we approached all our previous albums,” drummer Frank Attard tells BNU. “No planning other than what day we’re going to meet at the studio. No material has been worked out.

“The music is a result of almost three hours of jamming, and we keep almost all of it. The time it takes to put it all together is really about finding material that works well together in the context of an album. Electric Smokehouse had to be able to fit on a 12-inch vinyl record, as it’s being released by Dutch record label Headspin Records.”

So what’s the backstory to the band? And how did the cool B-movie comic-book-style name come about?

“The band kind of came together by accident back in 2012. Me and my brother Paul play in a psychedelic stoner-rock band called Mother Mars. We were playing shows alongside Canberra riff heavyweights Looking Glass for years.

“Looking Glass were having a break as their drummer had moved away, so we organised to have a jam with Lachlan Paine, the Looking Glass bass player, for some fun. Lachlan came up from Canberra to my studio, I had my drums miked up from a Mother Mars session, so I decided to put a mic in front of Lachlan’s bass cab and Paul’s guitar cab.

Paul came up with the title Frozen Planet….1969 as a title for a fictitious film, and the album was to be the soundtrack.

“I recorded the jam and left it for a while. When I went back to listen to it, the music reminded me of a dark psychedelic film score. I edited the recording down to keep the most interesting parts, and decided to release it a year later in 2013. Paul came up with the title Frozen Planet….1969 as more of a title for a fictitious film, and the album was to be the soundtrack.

“The album had some interest as it was a collaboration between Mother Mars and Looking Glass members. I believe we got asked to play a show, and that’s when we decided that Frozen Planet….1969 was going to be the band name, and that we were going to be a band. All our records and live performances are completely improvised, we’ve never had a rehearsal. The only time we get together is to record a jam or jam at a gig!”

So what can you tell us about this cut from the album? Anything or any music you were listening to at the time feed into its creation?

From there, things get heavy and quite spaced out…

Sonic Egg Factory is a fourteen-and-a-half-minute track and makes up almost 40 percent of the album. I remember this track came about an hour into recording, and we were all pretty warmed-up. There’s a lot of twists and turns in this track, and some interesting dynamics. We’re really listening to each other at this point and locking in.

“The track cruises along, and I decide to take things up a couple of gears about five-and-a-half minutes in, and from there things get heavy and quite spaced out! We’re jamming, so this is all a result of playing for a long time without a break and entering another state of mind. We could never re-create this track again!

“I can’t say I really remember what I was listening to at the time. We all listen to a lot of different music and keep an open mind.

“We all really dig Black Sabbath, which is a staple. I know Lachlan is a big fan of Rush. Paul introduced me to bands like Hawkwind and King Crimson. Then there are bands like Can that are definitely an influence. Atomic Rooster, Captain Beyond, Mountain, and Cactus were all most likely getting a spin around the time Electric Smokehouse was recorded.”

This killer jam and one or two other singles available on YouTube and bandcamp should be more than enough to convince jam freaks to get their hands on limited-run vinyl shipping out from various parts of the world next week.

Electric Smokehouse officially releases on January 11, is available on 12-inch in purple/clear vinyl or black vinyl on Headspin Records in The Netherlands. Pre-order here if you’re based in Europe, or if you’re local to Australia and other parts of the world, vinyl is also available via Pepper Shaker Records’ bandcamp.

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