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Eternal Tapestry | Sleeping On A Dandelion


BNU is proud to debut a full stream of an incredible live recording made by Portland psychedelic outfit Eternal Tapestry.

Titled Sleeping On A Dandelion, these two long-form tracks are released today on a very limited run of handmade cassettes on Sky Lantern Records, and were captured at Mississippi Studios when the band opened up for Kikagaku Moyo and Moon Duo back in April 2014.

Black Pines In An Orange Light inhales the earthy spirit of Träd Gräs Och Stenar and exhales in a transcendent 20-minute improvisation. The song rides a hypnotic bass groove through waves of sound that build and subside through an ever-shifting spectrum.

“Everyone’s riding the same crest and it sounds like a sincerely realized instant composition…”

Walls of wah-drenched guitar and reverb’d sax melt into reflective passages of restraint and delicacy… the kind of music that sucks you in like rain on parched earth.

The trance breaks with Where the Trees Touch the Ground, launching out on a relentless drumbeat, that “could almost be a campfire version of Bowie’s V-2 Schneider“, according to BNU‘s resident avant garde music freak John Nicol, building layer upon layer into a chaotic and exhilarating finale.

The burnt-out recording fidelity makes theses tracks appear to rise up through a dust-caked psychic windshield, warping around you in kaleidoscopic color. There’s a sense of motion while remaining motionless, twenty minutes feels like two, so it’s great you’re able to flip the tape and be ready to take the trip again without interruption.

“Keelin plays sax in Abronia, probably Portland’s most interesting and exciting new band…”

Sleeping On A Dandelion was made with a special one-off Eternal Tapestry lineup, according to guitarist Nick Bindeman, with Caitlin King [vocals and percussion], Keelin Mayer [sax], and Ian Paige [guitar] joining regulars Nick, brother Jed [drums], and Krag Likins on bass.

“This was a one-off evening,” he told BNU. “Caitlin, Ian, and Keelin are dear old friends, Ian was playing with us regularly around this period a few years ago prior to his move to L.A. He and Caitlin put out a handful of releases as Planets Around the Sun, a beautiful psych folk weirdo project they began in Portland, Maine and eventually brought it to the west coast.


“Keelin plays sax in Abronia, probably Portland’s most interesting and exciting new band—like Morricone as played by Glen Branca—amazing stuff for sure.”

How much preparation was needed ahead of the show? And once the band got going, was there a feeling of consciously steering the songs one way or another, or like the audience, were you swept along in the sound?

“Ultimately one desire culminates as sound with intentions melding, allowing a push and pull of aural communication to exist…”

“The set was essentially improvised, we got together once, ran through some ideas, settled on some heads, and went for it.

“Playing improvised music, for us in this context, works as a balance between existing in the moment, insofar as you are an active listener guiding the music while simultaneously letting the music be the true guide, allowing each player’s instinct from moment to moment to blend into a whole, and ultimately one desire culminating as sound with intentions melding, allowing a push and pull of aural communication to exist.


“Then sometimes it sounds like a garbage heap, but ideally everyone’s riding the same crest and it sounds like a sincerely realized instant composition with just as much intention as any composed piece of music!”

The first run of Sleeping On A Dandelion (with digital download) has sold out, but you can pre-order from the second-edition run here at Sky Lantern Records. For more Eternal Tapestry album releases, visit bandcamp, and follow on Facebook for news and tour announcements.

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