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Andrew W.K – I Get Wet


Andrew W.K is supposed to be some sort of saviour, curing the musically blind and restoring life to those who thought they were over it, burned out on the averageness of all music today. After one listen I’ve pegged his formula, or whatever it is that he’s rubbed in the jaded ears of the world’s critics to make them sit up and beg.

The shortest possible word for it: Footy. The most ludicrously academic term for it: superorganism. It goes like this (indulge me, I’ve a BA and no use for it): a group of individuals acting collectively as one is called a superorganism. A superorganism is capable of feats the individual could never dream of.

We arrogant humans, and even more arrogant Western humans, think we’re individuals, but in reality we’re part of a superorganism. Or several. The Government is a small and stupid superorganism; your footy team is another. Because we are parts of a superorganism, we are subject to something called the mob mentality. We get carried away by the actions of those around us, as the individual consciousness is merged with the consciousness of the group, the (you guessed it) superorganism.

You’ve seen this at work many times: S11 (2000 and 2001), the LA riots, the Olympics, Boxing Day sales at Myer and any soccer match ever played in Britain. Normally sane individuals suddenly go bananas because all those other normally sane individuals around them are suddenly going bananas. And there’s usually some kind of unifying gel; often it’s rallying, rousing semi-songs, or chants, of the “education for all, not just the rich” or the “Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi” variety. Their beat taps into some primal puppet string in the human psyche and drives the mob on to either greater or more disastrous things.

This is what Andrew W.K knows. Every single song here is a footy chant, a party paean drunkenly belted out by a frat boy, cheer leading us all onto party, with a capital ‘P’. Every critic, radio programmer and sheep who puts it on feels the blood rush, and is overcome with fist-in-the-air pride and the desire to, well, party. Because partying is the greater good that Andrew W.K is prepping you for. It’s a cause. If the tracks It’s Time To Party, Party Hard, and Party Till You Puke didn’t get this message across, then honorary party tracks such as Fun Night, Take It Off and Got To Do It should.

I Get Wet is the sound of the mob: big, brash, stoopid, dumb and hell out of control. And as sophisticated and smart as you may be, when it overtakes you, resistance is futile. After it’s over, you won’t remember why you went along with it – it’s really nothing special – but as long as it’s dropping nuts on everything, you may as well, well, party. Dude.

–Melanie Sheridan

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