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“Wild Strawberries” by Eternal Tapestry


“Wild Strawberries” by Eternal Tapestry, out now

Psychedelic drone collective Eternal Tapestry secluded themselves in a remote cabin in Oregon to record this hazy beast of an album.

With each track named after a different plant that grew around the area, the organic component of this album is astounding. Each track effortlessly conveys a meandering sense of growth and clarity while the band guides listeners through the forest of their minds.

The hazy vocals leading the album opener Mountain Primrose create a blanket fog from which an organ drone grows organically out of your speaker.

Trebly percussion reminds you of brushing past branches, thorns, and sticks, following a peculiar light through the forest.

Lava lamp guitar bubbles riff off an ocean of lopsided bass

On the title track Wild Strawberries, bass and drums create a steady pulse for the guitar and organ to create a cosmic clearing of the mind.

Lava lamp guitar bubbles riff off an ocean of lopsided bass notes in Enchanter’s Nightshade, bringing to mind some of Ash Ra Tempel’s greatest moments.

Filtered blips of synthesizer radiate beams of light, culminating in Woodland Anemone’s ecstatic aural cleansing.

A spray of vocal noise blasts the listener back into the fog. The drum machine snare hits take away the sensation of purely organic sounds, leading us to an even more alien environment.

Lace Fern begins with an arpeggiated sequence, giving a clockwork sensibility to the notion of floating through clouds. Sludgey Gilmour-esque riffs cascade cross the spectral plane, leading the listener to the last two tracks, Pale Green Sedge/ White Adders Tongue.

Ghostly waves of audio pulse between the left and right ear, with eventual scratches from a tiny distorted keyboard. Tribal rhythms welcome the listener back from the spirit realm to the physical realm.

The album closes with the band riding a single giant wave of light, disappearing into the ether.

Wild Strawberries is available at good record shops or via Thrill Jockey.

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