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Give It a Rest, Mate

News today: Howard wants to test potential Australian citizens on “mateship”.

From The Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Mr Howard said migrants needed to learn about mateship, but he could not outline how the concept would be tested.

‘”Mateship is a great Australian concept, it’s a concept of everybody pulling together in common adversity,” he said.

‘”It’s a concept of treating people according to how you find them and not according to the colour of their skin.

‘”It’s very much part of our ethos. You say ‘How do you test it?’. Well, I’m not going to start canvassing what the test is.”‘

Of course not. Because “mateship” in modern Australia is a myth kept alive by big L Liberals who seek to drive a wedge between white-skinned locals and immigrants, who are portrayed by the government, and therefore the media, as throwing a shadow of terrorism across the land.

Is mateship exclusive only to Australians? Can Japanese, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Lebanese be entitled to no claim of national solidarity and friendship?

What makes my blood boil is Howard’s assertion that he is looking for common elements in our society to help unite it when all he has done is cynically manipulate the white majority’s prejudice, fear and hostility towards non-white, non-Christian enthicities who seek to make a new life in this country.

What is the most cynical of all in this diversionary publicity stunt is that Howard got reelected last term by playing on the greed and selfishness of middle Australia. The ‘aspirational’ class. Those concerned only with their back pockets and with total disinterest in creating an egalitarian society where one can expect a decent level of healthcare, education and housing no matter what your bank balance says.

Middle Australia — Miranda Devine’s demographic — could not give a fuck about social issues like homelessness, a collapsing public healthcare system, a tragically under-resourced school system, the mistreatment of aboriginals, an immoral war we should never have become involved in.

As long as the investment property is ticking over, the shares look good and little Joycelyn is passing at The Kings School, then the abos can go get fucked. As long as the SUV is fuelled up, the environment can get fucked too. And during Howard’s term we’ve seen race riots in Sydney for the first time in decades.

This smoke-screen about mateship implies by default that immigrants are somehow inhuman savages who seek only to bleed Australia dry; a mob of heathens with a grasping hand who support terrorism and make the place unsafe for everyone else. And therefore, they need to be ‘educated’. It’s a dispicable tactic and it should not be allowed to stand.

No wonder he can’t elaborate on how ‘mateship’ should be measured. No amount of patriotism pledges, rhetoric and hot air is going to bring 1950s white Australia back. Australia has grown past narrow-minded little cunts like Howard and it’s time we realised it and booted this devisive, evil little man out and end this madness.

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