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MIXTAPE: Grant from The Myrrors Picks His Favorite Latin Psych

Slammin' Latin PsychA good while ago I asked Grant, guitar player with Arizona ethno-psychedelic band The Myrrors, to pick his favorite psych music from South America, which I then put together into a downloadable mix.

I did up a version for 8tracks and it’s proven to be a bit of a hit with 450 listens so far, so thought I’d share it here as well.

The mix covers a heap of terrain from classic ’70s rock to tribal instrumental pieces to more contemporary music and includes music from well-known artists as well as some that are pretty obscure. Grant says:

“I threw this together to hip Beige to some Latin American stuff. There’s definitely some range here, from psyched-out Cumbias to Gato’s wailing sax to Pan Del Indio’s drone meditations.

“Another modern group that wasn’t included (but should have been) is O+yn (Omasin) from Argentina.”

Slammin’ Latin Psych: Freakout Grooves from South America

– Los Orientales de ParamongaGuajira Oriental (Peru 196?/7?) Con Sabor Tropical

– Los DestellosGuajira Sicodelica (Peru 1968) La Ardillita [Single]

– Chicano BatmanIotaiani (California,USA 2010) Chicano Batman (S/T)

– Montibus CommunitasInti Uku Pacha (Peru 2013) Hacia Aquellos Bosques de Inmensidad

– Los FolkloristasCumbia Millera (Mexico 1976) Nuevo Canto

– Gal CostaRelance (Brazil 1973) India

– Vox DeiReflejos Tuyos Y Mios (Argentina 1970) Caliente

– Gato BarbieriIndia (Argentina/Brazil 1973) Chapter One: Latin America

– Los Mac’sF.M. y C.I.A. (Chile 1967) Kaleidoscope Men

– Los Orientales de ParamongaChiquilla en Onda (Peru 196?/7?) Con Sabor Tropical

– LaghoniaSomeday (Peru 1971) Etcetera

– Gato BarbieriEncuentros (Argentina/Brazil 1973) Chapter One: Latin America

– Los Orientales De ParamongaEl Boticito (Peru 196?/7?) Tremendo Ritmo

– Vox DeiGenesis (Argentina 1971) La Biblia

– Los JaivasTarka Y Ocarina (Chile 1975) Los Jaivas [3rd S/T]

– El CongresoMaestranzas de Noche (Chile 1971) El Congreso [S/T]

– Los Mac’sEl Evangelio de la Gentle Sola (Chile 1967) Kaleidoscope Men

– PandelindioEl Vacio No Es La Nada (Argentina 2013) Fuego y Soma


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