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Jem from DEAD Picks His Top 10 Inspiring Drummers

drumJem Maloney — an inspiring drummer in his own right, and one half of Melbourne heavyweights DEAD as well as owner and operator of indie label WeEmptyRooms — selects 10 local and international drummers who most inspire him most when writing and playing music.

So let’s hand over to the man himself to talk us through this set of 10 songs by some of the world’s most innovative and talented skinspeople.

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Hozi (Helms Alee)


My first inspiring drummer comes from across the ditch. Hozi melds the neanderthal and the nerdy elements perfectly, plays like a demon, and sings at the same time.

Extra points for going old-school with the double rack tom (and pulling it off):

Lochie Cavigan (Sun God Replica)


A great feel to this drummer—the kind of feel that is lost on a lot of modern players. His backing vocals are also spot-on.

His playing is very interesting but always complimentary to the song, never out of place. Once he told me I was a good drummer and I was stoked.

Lochie rocks.

Dan McKay (The Nation Blue)


Dan McKay is a great drummer. He never plays too many fills. Sometimes he doesn’t play enough. His hair remains impeccable during performance. He also understands that Rob Hirst is the pinnacle of drumming.

I wish at least one of us would get famous so we can drumtek for each other.

Here’s a video of him winning man of the match.

Rafa (Black Cobra)


This is a bloke who turns metal drumming completely on its head. He rekindled my love for the single kick/floor tom trick—which I now use a lot as well as the odd open-handed action for efficiency.

One thing that bores me about a lot of very good metal drummers is they don’t fuck with tempo. This guys pushes and pulls time on stage so much it can get downright uncomfortable. And I love it.

Rafa from Black Cobra—there is no other! Start at 6:20 for max metal action.

Paddy Warner (TTTDC)


Keeping it local again, I could write an essay about this bloke. Actually he could write a better one as writing is just one of his many talents.

How he maintains the stamina he does whilst belting his lungs out in some of the loudest bands going round is beyond me. There was a time, long, long ago where I could have outdone him on the tubs.

Having lived with him for years I cannot separate the man from the player. He excels at both. I present to you Paddy Warner of TTTDC and Wicked City!

Pikelet (True Radical Miracle)


My next inspiring drummer is local legend EV Aka Pikelet. The contrast between her rather academic and classy drumming against the primal basslines and often complete mess of a guitar part (good mess) in True Rad was always a pleasure to witness.

Shawn (Gay Witch Abortion)


This inspiring drummer comes from Minneapolis where being weird appears to be pretty normal. Shawn is an absolute delight to watch. I saw them open a set with this track and watching the build up from a few feet away gave me shivers. I even stole a fill from this bloke.

Jeff Mooridian, Jr. (VAZ)


Another Minneapolis (sort of) native, Jeff Mooridian, Jr. of VAZ and Hammerhead is melodic as hell and creates tension in his playing like no other. I was frightened of him at first but it turns out he’s a lovely bloke.

Ago (Legends of Motorsport)


I grew up loving a lot of heavy music and a lot of groove-based stuff and always felt a big gap between the two. Ago took an already heavy band, made them twice as heavy, and injected a supercharged Motown vibe.

I once saw him play with a massive Afro wig on top of his naturally massive Afro. Can’t find a good video.

Kat (Mere Woman/The Thaw)


Kat from Mere Women/The Thaw, etc. She has a rather academic approach and is the opposite to lazy.

Once she told me she had a rule in The Thaw she can’t use the same beat twice, which in a scene full of crust bands was about as against the grain as one could go. I often use the old “what would Kat play?” if I want to make a song more interesting.


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