Otrebor Recommends

VaderDe Profundis (Full Album)

EntombedLeft Hand Paths (Full Album)

Bolt ThrowerCenotaph from the album War Master

Lotus ThiefMiseras from the album Rervm

ImmortalCall of the Wintermoon from the album Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism

UlverBergtatt (Full Album)

The Ruins of BeverastDaemon from the album Blood Vaults


EmperorI am the Black Wizard from the album In the Nightside Eclipse

Thy PrimordialFor Fires to Burn from the album At the World of Untrodden Wonder

AngraHoly Land (Full Album)

HelloweenI Want Out from the album Keeper of the Seven Keys

Pagan’s MindThe Celestine Prophecy from the Album Enigmatic Calling

EdenbridgeAlight a New Tomorrow from the album The Bonding

AlcestSouvenirs D’un Autre Monde

Cold Body RadiationDeer Twilight (Full Album)

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