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DEAD and MoE Tour Australia


Connoisseurs of sludgey freak-rock have an unmissable opportunity to witness two of the best bands in the business this March when Norway’s MoE join local riff merchants DEAD for a short Australian tour, the high point surely being a recently announced in-store performance with the legendary BUDD at Tym Guitars in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, for Record Store Day.

The bands are brewing up a batch of shows in Melbourne, Wollongong, Sydney, and Adelaide, and will also be blowing the gal-iron roofs off farmhouses and upsetting the livestock in a number of regional centres as well.


“Jace will give [MoE] a proper Lismore experience with a bit of nude waterfall action,” promises DEAD’s drummer Jem Maloney. “And how many international bands hit up Wagga Wagga?”

Both DEAD and MoE are currently in peak condition, with the former fresh off a headlining US tour (including a stint in the studio with ex-Melvins/Cows bassist Kevin Rutmanis) and a national tour with Black Cobra and Jucifer; and the latter currently in the middle of tour of Italy, having only recently returned from the US and Japan.

So how did the idea for a tour with MoE come about?

“Both our bands were featured on the Eolian Empire cassette compilation called Fiends In Low Places and I’m pretty sure that’s how we found each other,” says Jem. “I honestly can’t remember now if they approached me or I approached them about touring together, but both bands tour a lot so it was kind of a no brainer to do it.”


Jem Maloney at the office

DEAD is promising to deliver not one, but four new LPs of new material this year to follow on from the sold-out pressing of the excellent Captains of Industry released last year. So what can we expect to hear from the band at these shows with MoE?

“Our sets have traditionally been mainly new material—that is, music which has not been released or recorded yet. That’s just how we roll, and I think our audience is adventurous enough that they can go with that.

“Recently we’ve been making sure we get at least one or two songs into the set that have actually been released publicly. I haven’t actually started working on the set for this tour, but I would say it will be mainly new material and I’m toying with the idea of bringing out a song or two from the first two two records.”

How about MoE, what are they like to see live?

“I’ve never seen them play! And I can’t wait to see it in the flesh. I’ve watched a lot on YouTube, but there is no replacing the real thing. They have a wide scope of material so I’m interested to see what they bring to this tour.”

DEAD absolutely destroy live, their songs are brutal and exciting, and every show is a unique experience, but word is that the Norwegians are more than up to the task in the riff stakes as well (assuming they make it out of Lismore Shopping Square in one piece).

Following are tour dates. You can also download a free 4-track tour promo sampler of MoE and DEAD’s music if you don’t believe this writer’s assertion that these bruisers are pretty much where it’s at, anywhere in the world, right now.

So make a note, and get yourself to a show.


  • Thurs. 7th April – The Tote, Melb. + Batpiss, Umbilical Tentacle
  • Fri. 8th – Animal House, Adel. All Ages + She’s The Band, Swamp Lung
  • Sat 9th – The Eastern, Ballarat. + Tsugnarly
  • Sun 10th – Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine (Arvo) + Chickpeas – 3-6pm
  • Mon 11th – Duke of Kent Hotel, Wagga Wagga + Kong Fuzi. FREE Entry
  • Tue 12th – Jane’s, Wollongong – All Ages + Baby Machine. 7pm start
  • Wed 13th – Hammo Station, Newcastle. + Pieace of Shit, Dog. FREE Entry.
  • Thur 14th – Tatt’s Hotel, Lismore + This Thing Called Progress
  • Fri 15th – Bearded Lady, Brisbane + Grieg, Thigh Master
  • Sat 16th – Tym Guitars, Brisbane + BUDD
  • Sun 17th – Frankies Pizza, Sydney + Thorax, Defektro. FREE Entry
  • Mon 18th – Monday Night Mass, NSC, Melb. (MoE only) + Pissbolt, BJ Morriszonkle. FREE Entry.
  • Tue 19th – Make It Up Club, Bar Open, Melb. (improv. Collab sets).

For more information, check out the Facey events page here.

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