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Black Sabbath

The crowd was crazy. They clearly worship Ozzy and the respect was reciprocated. There was a great deal of bowing and scraping.

Ozzy was clearly suffering the burden of a hardcore life. His movements were slow and somewhat uncoordinated and his voice, while sweet and musical, did not have the power of yesteryear.

Curiously, the one active movement that he did seem to enjoy was crouching like a frog, and then jumping into the air at certain heavy beats. This new dance immediately caught on, and youngsters were seen outside the centre mimicking the great man.

In an act of middle-aged rebellion, Ozzy repeatedly threw buckets of water on the security staff, and this captured the wild spirit of the crowd, who cheered with delight.

One P.T McCracken found the concert “substantially sick” and was seen rocking very hard to the fine melodies of Into the Void.

Props included five real fire torches, and video screens displaying the band and certain images understandable only to those who had taken hallucinogens.

The end of the performance was celebrated with indoor fireworks and a great amount of black confetti.

— P Rex, Rock Brain

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