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Seedy Jeezus

12063948_10208183005079293_263695840_nOne fast-ascending star in the space-rock universe is Melbourne’s Seedy Jeezus. Filtering Sabbath riffage through a kaleidoscope of vintage prog and psych influences, these heavy-hitters wowed European audiences during a recent tour of the continent.

Last March, Seedy Jeezus recruited Tony Reed from U.S. band Mos Generator to capture a live performance at The Tote in Melbourne, and this slab of psychedelic stoner has already sold out.

For the European tour, the band wanted spice up the merch table with something fresh, so they hit Melbourne’s OneB Studio and laid down the 16-minute epic Echoes in the Sky. The etched 12” vinyl record launches officially at a Yah Yahs in Fitzroy on November 20 with Wicked City, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, and A Basket of Mammoths supporting.

I always wanted to do the space-jam thing like White Hills, Causa Sui, Sula Bassana, and Earthless,” bassist Paul Crick told BNU. “Lex, our guitarist, loves Earthless and loved the idea. We recorded Echoes in the Sky at Studio OneB in Melbourne’s northern suburbs and they gave us a good deal on the price, so we could just go there and do what we wanted for as long as we wanted. We did some standard songs and some jams and then listened back to them. Lex did some hard edits and Andrew Day mixed them.

Lex is fuckin’ awesome in that you can play something and he can just deliver the goods

“When Echoes came back to us, it was so Pink Floyd, Lex and I looked at each other and went, fark! It’s so good, but so different to the first album. I guess we are not scared of progress or change in the way we sound, as we like so much different stuff as individuals in a band. It suited us to put this out, as the next album will have some major variance from the first album. Yes, some driving shredding songs, but probably some crazy, spacey head-fuck shit too.”

Opening in a haze of bong smoke, the more structured first movement does sound like Sabbath covering something with a similar chilled out vibe to Pink Floyd’s Green is the Colour, but the mushrooms soon kick in and it dives down the rabbit-hole, hard-grooving bassline and reverb guitar over a cruising ride, slowly gathering speed until it explodes in a full-on cosmic meltdown.

“Lex had the basic idea for the first part of the track, I guess the ‘song’ bit, and I had the bass riff for the second jam bit. Lex is fuckin’ awesome in that you can play something and he can just deliver the goods, you know, ‘Thinkin Man Guitar’. He just closes his eyes and the most amazing stuff travels to his hands and comes out of his amp.”



Photo: William Adam Russ

A comparison to Earthless’s guitar sound is inevitable for this particular track at least. Were they an inspiration?

“Lex and Isaiah are good buddies. We caught up with them in Germany and again when they were over here in Oz. As guitarists, they love old-school ZZ Top. Dudes that love that stuff are friends forever!

“I don’t think Lex is inspired by Isaiah in that kind of way, but I do know that both of them would have been those types of guitarists that just played guitar all the time when they were growing up, listening to Hendrix and just being obsessed with what was happening in the guitar world in general. Eighties metal, prog rock, everything!

R-7105788-1433859164-2328.jpegSo where did the idea to etch that beautiful graphic onto the vinyl edition of this record come from?

“Lex again is the graphic boffin! He has ADHD and will sit up all night tinkering. With his design style and the rest of the bands ideas we can usually give birth to some new direction or idea.”

What is exciting musically in Australia right now, and where does Seedy Jeezus fit in?

“When we were over in Europe, people were excited about the growing number of Australian bands getting exposure over there. Bands like us, Child, and Dead City Ruins are getting more popular and are getting greater exposure, and this is providing Aussie bands with other places to perform and sell records.

“From my point of view, the number of international bands coming to Australia is probably decreasing as the Australian dollar goes down against the U.S. But on the other hand, the quality of Australian bands is at an all-time high.

“TTTDC, Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene, Child, Witchskull… It’s the rise of a type of music that is blurring the lines between genres in response to the music-consuming public becoming more educated.

“This might be one outcome of torrenting, where people can listen to a greater range of genres and thus bands can fit into these blends between genres and the audience is not just into metal or punk or thrash. It makes for a more interesting music scene where shows don’t have to be genre specific.

“I hope Seedy is part of this.”

Seedy Jeezus launch Echoes in the Sky (out on Blown Music in Australia/NZ, Lay Bare Recording in Europe) at Yah Yahs on November 20 with help from Wicked City, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, and A Basket of Mammoths. Click here for gig info, follow on Facebook, or pick up an album on Bandcamp.

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