Published on February 9th, 2007 | by Al. L. Torso


Great Southern Cross Interview

Great Southern Cross played The Evelyn last Friday night. Respect. BNU was lucky enough to catch up with Matt from the band to chat about the gig, transport, cats, and the name change.

BNU: Just as GSE was becoming a household name, especially with teenage girls and parents, you change it. Why?

Matt: Well, you know, we often had trouble fitting the band name onto those really little blackboards at pubs. Those things are tiny, man! Bands have to pick short names, like Mammal and Seven, but we don’t dig that. Cross is shorter than Electrics, you know? Not by much, but it is. Plus, we figured that Cross describes our music better than Electrics. We have parts of our set that aren’t electrics at all. Ummm, like me talking for example. I mean, sometimes I do talk into the microphone, so those bits need electicity. But not alot else does. Religion has played a big part in our recovery too, so it just seemed organic and cool. You know. Playing with two of Melbournes best christian rock bands seemed like a good time to do it too.

BNU: How was the new name received?

Matt: Well, you know. I’m glad we changed it before playing with those guys obviously. Plus, it did fit on the blackboard better than ever!

BNU: I hear that you’ve also signed a deal with Winnebago?

Matt: Yeah, that was all Daz. You know, when we lost our SilverTop Cab sponsorship, getting our gear to gigs was hard. But now with the Winnebego deal, we take taller things. I might even use the ladder one day! We can’t use the tunnel anymore, but we don’t play the western suburbs much anyways. And I don’t have a license, so nothing has changed for me really.

BNU: You said you had a cat?

Matt: Yeah. Yeah, I do. He’s cool.

BNU: Thanks for that chat Matty.

Matt: Cheers. And remember, Balaclava Rock on the Cross!

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