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Oliver House

oliver house 1Hailing from Phoenix, Oliver House is yet another cool band to emerge from Arizona’s burgeoning indie-rock scene.

The band’s six-track debut EP Fall Apart captures a vibrant rock that blends the melody and color of ’80s psych pop with the darker, grittier edge of the post-punk revivalists.

“We didn’t really set out to play a specific ‘type’ of music,” guitarist and vocalist Sean tells BNU.

“We just wrote songs that we thought sounded good, but I’m sure our influences are pretty apparent. Some of the bands we do like include Radiohead, Deerhunter, and Wild Nothing.”

There seems to be an element of Echo & The Bunnymen coming through in the reverbed-out guitar?

“I can definitely see the Bunnymen vibe. I’m not sure what they used to record their guitar work, but I use a Fender Telecaster 1960s reissue with the reverb cranked. Maybe that’s close?”

So how did Oliver House meet up and get started?

“We actually met each other at church. Rock ‘n’ roll, am I right?! Our drummer, Holden, has played in the Tucson-based band Peaks (they later changed their name to Mute Swan) and I also record music on the side under the pseudonym Twelve Birds.

With Tuscon’s indie scene bubbling with young acts well served by a good number of artist-friendly venues, I wonder if Phoenix is also enjoying a revival in art and music?

oliver house 1 (2)“Tucson does have a really great scene. I do think that the Phoenix indie scene is becoming bigger. There are great artists we’ve had the privilege of playing with including the Blank Waves, the Straight Straws, and the Ricardos. All of these bands—I believe—are based in Phoenix. There is incredible diversity here as well: everything from softer, more folk-oriented acts, to driving rock ‘n’ roll acts like ourselves.

“The Trunkspace, one of our favorite venues, does a great job helping grow and support local indie acts.”

Fall Apart seems polished and well balanced sonically, which is surprising considering the rawness of most band’s first recordings—and a testament to the mixing and mastering skills of local producer Brandon Simoes. How did the band approach making this album?

We literally slept on the floor of the studio, got up four hours later, and finished everything up

“We recorded the EP in Queen Creek. Brandon calls his studio the ‘Schoolyard’. We essentially recorded every song over the course of one day. We literally slept on the floor of the studio, got up four hours later, ate some pancakes, and finished everything up. It was great. Brandon also mixed and mastered the tracks. He’s such a pro.”

Following the release of Fall Apart, Oliver House is preparing to hit some local venues for some shows, but does not, at this stage, have any wider tours planned.

“Some of the venues we’ll most likely be playing include Trunkspace, Crescent Ballroom, Yucca Tap Room, the Rebel Lounge, and others.”

Fall Apart is out now on Bandcamp. Follow the band on Facebook for the latest tour information.

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