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Good Bad Girls Playlister By Shannon from The Reprobettes

A lot of good bands are going out to play at the Happy Trails Festival just outside of Ballarat on October 31.

We asked Shannon from the garage-surf-psychos The Reprobettes, a band that’s going to leave great big burn marks on the Happy Trails rug, to show us some cool girl bands and artists. Because, let’s face it, when it comes to rock music, it’s Johnsons as far as the eye can see.

So here is Shannon with her and the Reprobette’s picks of some cool Australian music.


shannon beer landscapeThe most important aspect of music for me is that it connects with the listener in some way and makes you feel something, whether it is joy, sadness, a desire to dance, or just plain thirsty for a good beer or nip of whisky.

I’ve never believed that gender has any bearing on someone’s ability to make great music; amazing artists exist from every walk of life. Unfortunately the live music scene is one filled with an overwhelming amount of men, so a lot of very talented non-male artists tend to go unnoticed.

BNU asked me to make a list of my favourite current Australian female musicians. Living in Melbourne and playing in The Reprobettes has exposed me to many female musicians that I may not have heard about otherwise, so I’ll take this opportunity to share with you some of the first that come to mind.

These ladies are awesome, worth your attention, and are some of my (and my band’s) favourites. Here they are in a sort-of alphabetical order:

Steph Brett

If bands were entities that could have crushes, my band would have a crush on every band Steph Brett was involved with. While she is a woman of diverse talents and musical adventures, Sugar Fed Leopards, Empat Lima, and Richie1250 & the Brides of Christ are the first few bands of hers that come to my mind. Check her out, but be warned you may get a crush too and start blushing uncontrollably if you see her live.

Elissa Rose

Elissa is a woman of many talents, which include singing and playing guitar in her band The Loveless, playing bass in River of Snakes, and pulling off a gorgeously feminine aesthetic whilst killing it on stage. I love it when someone gets on stage looking pretty and demure and then blows you away with their strength, fury, and intensity, and this gal does just that.

Freya Josephine Hollick

I discovered Freya through mutual friends in Ballarat. She’s got an astoundingly gorgeous voice and writes haunting songs that sound like they’re from another, sadder time, years in the past. Her beautiful music will leave you with a feeling of longing, without you even knowing what you’re longing for. I hope you figure it out.

Mojo Juju

I first saw Mojo Juju with The Snake Oil Merchants at an art gallery shortly after I moved here in 2008/2009 and was immediately excited about the caliber of music that Melbourne had to offer. If you’re the type of person who wishes that speakeasies serving moonshine to gangsters still existed, this is your music. These days Mojo Juju is doing her thing solo, making videos that drip with sexual tension and might make you think of roasting chicken in a new way (watch ‘til the end).

Melissa Main

Melissa is a champion of all things music, with a focus especially on women in music. Not only is she an enigmatic, sassy, and funny multi-instrumentalist performer, but also a talented music teacher and one of the driving factors in how The Reprobettes formed. Watch her video, have a laugh, and sing along (the lyrics are there for you, and she’d love for you to join her).

The Pink Tiles

Okay so you’ve probably already heard of The Pink Tiles but they’re still worth a mention because they’re so much fun! They’re a perfect band to go have a crazy tipsy dance to on a Friday night.  Plus, how good is this video?

Cash Savage & Kat Mear (Cash Savage & The Last Drinks)

This band plays dark country for  you to drink whisky to while you contemplate the revenge you’re going to take on the person who dun did you wrong. Kat shreds on her fiddle while looking totally calm and composed, while Cash wails over top. See them live for the full experience (namely: the captivating vocals and crazy fiddle solos).

Swim Team

I have organized a gig later in the year with these gals purely because I can’t wait to see them live. They haven’t been around for very long, but with their experience in other bands and the sound of that reverb-tastic guitar, I’m confident they’re gonna be awesome live.


Terrible Truths

This is a band that one of my bandmates suggested for this post. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them yet, but the word on the streets of Coburg is that they’re a lot of fun. This video has my interest piqued and I will be checking them out soon!

The Villenettes

The V’s are one of the first interstate bands that The Reprobettes formed a band-friendship with. They’re a very talented group of girls that have been together for a few years playing 50’s style rockabilly and rock ‘n roll with a punk edge. They mostly play around Adelaide but regularly take the drive past the Giant Koala (always stopping for a photo) to play in Melbourne as well. They spoil my two cats with lots of affection when they come to visit, so they’re okay by me.

Julia Watt

It’s about time we spotlighted a drummer, right? Enough with the full bands and lead singers, already! Okay, well Julia plays in La Bastard and Hot Wings (and maybe other bands?), but these are the two I have played with and enjoyed. Julia is a drummer that people notice- she’s tight, has great style, and always looks like she’s enjoying herself (no weird drummer faces happening here). I chose the following video as it features both Julia and Anna Lienhop of La Bastard, who’s got a magnificent set of pipes on her and commands a crowd like nobody’s business.

Wild Rocket

I had the pleasure of playing with these ladies at the Old Bar in July of this year, and they were fantastic. They play psychedelic 60s rock with a bit of garage mixed in, and their voices sound great together. Here’s hoping they come back to Melbourne soon for another gig.

You can catch The Reprobettes plus a heap, a heap, of wow-holy-shit-that’s-sick bands at the affordable, family-friendly one-day Happy Trails Festival. It’s on at the Goods Shed at Creswick, October 31, BYO, under 12s free, it’s a nice weekend away, it’ll be fun, you should look into it. Here’s the website.


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